Zoom Candle - Tender is the Night

Candle - Tender is the Night


A sweet zephyr blushes across ones’s cheek. A midnight dash through the orange orchards, time to spare, time to live... 

Fragranced with delicate and complex perfumes. These hand poured candles are made with a pure vegetable soy wax and use a cotton wick.

Let me tell you about the glass - it's beautiful. It's hand made, and mouth blown and pink, with bubbles. (coz it's made out of recycled soda glass). Not only is it a gorgeous and mesmerising vessel to watch your beautiful candle burn BUT then, yay, even better, once you have finished burning your candle, it becomes THE perfect glass for a G&T  or the sweetest vase for a pretty posy. Collectable, like you need six for a set, right!

Notes - top - Orange blossom, neroli & green tea, mid - tangerine & lily,   base - tuberose & musk.

280 grams. 70 hour burn time.

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